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Name Race (Gender) Class (Level) Player
Arlath of the Curved Fang Pride Razorclaw Shifter (m) Cleric 1 Dave
Vargr Bugbear (m) Rogue 1 Joe
Brutal Warforged (m) Fighter 1 Chris
? Goblin (m) Fighter 1 Hal
Gurgash Orc (m) Fighter 1 Stomp


Many years in the past of the Abandoned Coast campaign, this campaign follows the lives of the native inhabitants of the island before the kingdom of Nerath had fallen, while the ships still came and went and trade was strong. Closest to where people of Nerath landed was the territory of the Shifters. Shifters, in an attempt to better define their territory, built walls across their borders. Eventually traders came and Shifters accepted the trade as their wares were well-crafted and their technology was more advanced. In exchange the Shifters provided natural resources, rich within their territory. As trade grew, influential figures within the Shifter community began to speak of opening up their borders to the East to include the other natives of the land; On platforms of increased unity/relations, they managed to persuade the people into obliging. Representatives of the Shifter community went to every village that would have them and brought invitations to the their newly established city, the city of Freespring. Representatives of the various tribes returned with them and were amazed by the success they saw there. Xenophobia and paranoia aside, there was no denying the benefit to having access to so much trade in a single location. The city was expanded and districts were drawn up. The Shifters put together some political structure to enforce the security and safety of all of the races, including the people of Nerath. Races were given free range within their coalition districts (like-minded races living in close proximity to each other) and large trade and crafting districts were made common ground. The city has continued to thrive for over 100 years and outlying tribes of other races have adopted the methodology, setting up small city-states on the edges of their boundaries for trade interaction with other tribes.


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